Market Opportunity

The need for better body armor and wearable ballistic protection is  greater than ever

  • Global conflicts increasingly put soldiers in harm’s way
  • Police face mortal danger every day 
  • Mass shootings are a seemingly endless tragedy across the U.S.

Next-generation fabrics and technologies make body armor more functional and affordable. 

The newest solution – composite fabrics – can provide far superior protection at a fraction of  the cost of current products while not sacrificing life-saving functionality

IconiqAllure uses next-generation composites that are easily integrated into clothing,  helmets, and more, for military-grade functionality but affordable for the masses


Product Development

IconiqAllure will offer leading-edge functional and fashionable products using cured laminates for several multi billion-dollar markets: 

  • Body armor 
  • Smart clothing
  • Functional athletic/leisure wear 
  • Fashion/aerospace

Products aimed initially at the functional “athleisure” market, a fast-growing segment. 
  • This allows real-world testing and refining outside of the complex military contracting process  and becoming NIJ-certified for ballistic armor .
  • IconiqAllure will focus on generating revenue while making inroads into the military/law  enforcement markets 


IconiqAllure Technology 

IconicAllure is being created from the ground up to be a category-leading line of next-gen body armor-integrated clothing, accessories, and other products. It is a concept spawned by necessity and forward-looking vision of what the military, police, and consumer market will be looking for in the immediate future, based on ongoing and emerging global conflicts, enhanced domestic police forces, and the safety needs of regular citizens. IconiqAllure's focus is high-performance systems and solutions for the market. Our products will bridge the technology gaps that have existed from a fabric, construction, and end-product perspective in not only functionality but also form.

The result is affordable body armor and other products for the military and police departments, as well as  consumer apparel that merges fashion and aerospace applications. 

(Reference Ex. Of STF Properties)

Target Market 

Body armor

  •  $4B global market; will reach $5.6B by 2024.
  •  Military/police account for 90% of revenue

           *1.35 million active-duty military 
           *Over 12,000 local police departments and 3,000 sheriffs’ offices 

  • Consumer markets  • The “athleisure” category of comfortable, highly function causal wear will reach $80 billion by 2020 
  • “Smart clothing” is another potential $4 billion market 


Major competitors for military/law enforcement are Spectre and others that provide  equipment, but there is substantial room for improvement at all levels. 

  • IconiqAllure’s carbon-fiber epoxy resin laminates once cured are water-proof, neutral across  temperature extremes common for fighter aircraft and space applications, lightweight, and  extremely durable.  It is these concepts IconiqAllure will apply to the military as well as for  fashion and the average consumer. 

 Affordability is also a huge issue. The U.S. military is hampered with strict, bureaucratic  regulations that saw Dragonskin Armor’s $6000 a uniform, for instance, being ridiculed,  rejected, and ultimately bankrupt due to the investigations performed by the DoD. 

  • IconiqAllure’s composites can offer superior, reliable protection, at a fraction of the cost.  The tiling or sewing in of laminates allows IconiqAllure’s functionality and cost- competitiveness.


  • Working with and accessing the connections of consulting partners such as Exova (and  potentially Starkweather and FAAR, etc.)

  • Using deep industry contacts in the international arena in manufacturing and fashion 
  • Bridging the concepts of cured composite laminates and military gear/fashionable  clothing for mass consumer/high-end aerospace applications 

  • Becoming registered by DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) 
  • Attending trade shows, fashion events, and military committee events, etc.
  • Using World View Enterprise, the startup sub-set of the Paragon Space Development  Corporation, to provide promotional exposure 
  • Creating an extensive web presence for the IconiqAllure brand
  • Using referral representatives that have contacts at major apparel brands


Joseph Marsh 

  • NORDAM NTR, Tulsa, Oklahoma, F-35 Composites Inspector/Gulfstream, April 2017-Present 
  • Kaman Aerospace, Jacksonville, FL, Final/OSP Receiving Inspector, Feb. 2016 – July 2016 
  •  Zodiac Aerospace, Santa Maria, CA, Final/Receiving Inspector, Sept. 2015 – Nov. 2015 
  •  Aerojet Rocketdyne, Redmond, WA, Precision Assembly Inspector, June 2014 – Nov. 2014 

Joseph has extensive experience with: 

  • Automated Carbon Fiber Layup Tape/Hand-Layup Pre-Preg  Plys 
  •  Verified Oven/Autoclave Cure Specs 
  •  MRB Dispositions & Work Order Planning 
  •  Inspections on Composites, Sheet Metal Airframes, Aircraft/Aerospace Components, and other  materials 

Mark Stracy

  • Consulted/Advised startup companies in both the UK and USA markets such as Zarathustra Ltd, Stardive Ltd and The Terran Genome Archive (501c) between 1986 to 2005.   
  • On the Board of Directors for Stardive Ltd and The Terran Genome Archive as well as Technical Director for Citadel Products Ltd.
  • Worked in R&D for Zarathustra, Stardive Ltd, Fisher Products Ltd, Ingle Security Systems, and Citadel Products Ltd. as well as resolving Special Effects problems directly and indirectly for Pinewood Studios in England. 

Mark has extensive experience with: 

  • Organizational and Road-Map structuring for fledgling companies.
  • Bespoke Electronic Solutions in the Communications, Military Applications,  LEO and Security fields.
  • Design and Manufacture of Encapsulations, Militarized Mounts and Enclosures as well as Installation Systems.
  • Technical documentation from User to Technical Repair. 

Thank You For Your Time
Joseph Marsh